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Jeff Cavins’ worldwide-famous Catholic Bible Study.

A 7-session course on Wednesdays, starting on

Wed 4th November, 2020 @7pm UK Time

The 7-session course

is taught via live-streaming

by Mauro Iannicelli

Course Promo Video

Watch Fr Alexander Sherbrooke's Testimony

 (2 mins) about the Bible Timeline Courses Mauro ran for his parish.  


Watch Jeff Cavins' Endorsement (1 min) for Mauro as Bible Timeline Teacher for the UK.


Read about 90 Testimonials of some of the participants to Mauro's courses.

What is the Bible Timeline Course?

The Bible can be quite intimidating, due to its size and complexity. Many Catholics long to read the Bible, but they don’t know how.

The Bible Timeline Study System, developed by Jeff Cavins, uses a phenomenal approach which actually works! 

It divides the whole Bible into 12 colour-coded Periods, easy to understand and memorise. 

In our course, Mauro will walk you through each of the 12 Periods. This way, you will clearly see how the many characters and events in Scripture are related to each other in one unified narrative, from Adam & Eve to Jesus Christ. 

You will grasp the Big Picture of the Bible from start to finish, the Old and New Testament, ...for life! 

Each live-streamed session has a time of discussion with Q&A. Bible Readings and Teaching Summary Notes will be available. 

Mauro Iannicelli

(Come & See Evangelisation Ministries) 

Divine Mercy Chaplet, 3 pm daily: -

Divine Mercy Chaplet, 3 pm daily: -

Parish Priest: Fr.  Moses Amune, MSP

Curate: Fr. Franklin Ebuka Umekachikelu

Parish Sister: Sister Elizabeth O’Hara

Parish Secretary: Teresa Potter

Safeguarding Team:  Caroline Barron