Parish Priest and Assistant

Fr. Innocent Abonyi, MSP
The Presbytery
192 Parrock Street - Gravesend, Kent
DA 12 1EN
TEL: 01474352415

Fr. Franklin Ebuka Umekachikelu, MSP
Assistant Priest

St. John the Evangelist Parish Office Hours

  • Monday 10.00am – 3.00pm Sr. Elizabeth O'Hara (Parish Sister)
  • Tuesday - Thursday 10.00am - 3pm Teresa Potter (Parish Secretary)
  • Friday 10.00 am - 3.00 pm Jacky Hardy (Parish Assistant)

Parish Priest and Assistant priest are all available at any time

E-Mail Address for the Newsletter
Deadline 7.00pm Wednesday

Contacting Parish Groups

The parish groups can be contacted via email: . Should you wish to speak to team members directly, please contact the Parish Office on 01474352415.

Leaving Feedback

Would you like to leave feedback on this site, or to make suggestions about any aspect of the parish, its worship or its administration? Please contact Sr. Prisca on her email

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