Total Consecration to Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Parish Priest of St. John's Catholic Church Gravesend, Fr. Innocent Abonyi, MSP invites all parishioners to respond to the invitation to total consecration to Jesus through Mary. For more information, please contact the parish office    -01474352415

This devotion is based on the teachings of Saint Louis de Montfort. Always a pious child and especially devoted to prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. When the brilliant and devout St. Louis de Montfort (A.D. 31 January 1673 - 28 April 1716) reached the age of 19, he gave away all he had and resolved to live on alms. He was ordained a priest in Paris, worked for some time as a hospital chaplain, but then came to devote his time to preaching -- a task he was extremely gifted at. He went on to found the Daughters of Wisdom,  an Order devoted to hospital work and educating poor girls -- and the Company of Mary (the Montfort Fathers), a missionary group of priests. It was his devotion to Mary, though, for which he is most remembered.

St. Louis de Montfort's method of devotion - involving 33 days of reading, reflection and prayer in honour of our Blessed Virgin Mary. The consecration made thereafter is known as "Total Consecration," "True Devotion," or "Holy Slavery."

For this year 2017, our parish has already started this devotional prayer and novena since Thursday 28th September , but please do feel free to join us at any time of your choosing. Joining us today is probably a good choice for you, for as the African Igbo saying goes "whenever one wakes up, that time then becomes the person's own dawn."  This is the third year in succession that we have held this prayer as a parish.

We shall end this novena or our 33 day period of preparation with a big prayer of consecration on Thursday 31st October at a Mass celebrated in St. John's Church at 6.30 pm. All Marian devotees, all parishioners and indeed all those who have tried to follow this novena are invited to attend this Mass. The feasts and saint days selected  to help us in our reflection are as follows:

Start of
33-day Plan
Feasts Chosen Feast /Consecration Day
27th Sept St. Vincent de Paul (Start of Novena) Total Consecration
28 Sept St. Wenceslaus Consecration
29th Sept Sts Michael, Gabriel and Raphael Consecration
30th Sept St. Jerome Consecration
Oct 2 The Holy Guardian Angels Consecration
Oct 4 St. Francis of Asisi Consecration
Oct 6 St. Bruno Consecration
Oct 7 Our Lady of the Rosary Consecration
Oct 9 St. Dennis Consecration
Oct 10 Apparition of the Immaculate
Virgin Mary at Lourdes
11 February Feastday

Oct 11

Annunciation March 25 Feastday

Oct 12

 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 16 July feastday

Oct 13

St. Edward the Confessor Consecration

Oct 15

The Assumption August 15 Feastday

Oct 20

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 8 Sept. Feastday

Oct 21

Our Lady of Sorrows 15 Sept.Feastday

Oct 25

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 21 November

Oct 25-31

Mass of the Immaculate Conception Consecration

21 Nov (Closing of Novena)

Prayer Plan designed along with the daily readings and prayers every day for the full 33 days, according to one of the dates you have chosen above. Remember to always end each day with "In Memorale" or the Magnificat and Glory be...

  | Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary/Daily Plan

  • Day 1 - 10 Examine your conscience, pray, practice renouncement of your own will; mortification, purity of heart
  • Day 10 - 20 Examine your life in relation to Prayer and Charity. I suggest that we read and pray Mother Theresa of Calcutta and her model of charity and Christian service.
  • Day 21 - 30 Pray and reflect on our blessed Virgin Mary including her life and faith and virtues. What comes up for you?
  • Day 31 - 33 What is Consecration to Mary? What is God and our Blessed Mother calling you to do?  What are you asking of God and our blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary?


Total Consecration to Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary

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