St. John’s R.C. Primary School

St. John’s R.C. Primary School

St. John’s R.C. Primary School is a co-educational voluntary aided school with a purpose built Nursery Unit for children from the age of 3 to 11 years which was built to cater for the educational needs of children of St. John’s Parish. The site is shared by a Catholic Comprehensive School.

We are a 3 form entry school with approximately 30 pupils per class. Each class contains pupils with a similar age. Two Reception classes are taken in September, with the youngest children joining the school in January. The Reception teacher works with January intake pupils on a regular basis whilst they are still in the nursery. Pupils who do not attend the Nursery are invited to visit the school each week and work with the Reception teacher who provides a home/school work pack.

The school is held upon a Trust which has as its objective the “establishing, maintaining or advancing the Roman Catholic Religion in the Diocese and in one or more of the Charitable objects promoted or served by the Roman Catholic Church within the Diocese”.

Being a Catholic School the aim of St. John’s Primary School is to prove for the spiritual, ethical, and moral training of the children as well as the academic achievements and progression.

At the heart of the Mission Statement is the community relationship between the church, home and school which ensures a warm welcome for you and your children to the school. We value the contact we have with you and hope that the relationship will bring mutual benefit, ensuring that the years your children spend with us will be happy, successful and fulfilling.

As a school St. John’s R.C. Primary School enjoys the shared expertise of 23 full time teaching staff, two part time teachers and 18 classroom assistants. Ours is a happy, hard working school where good relationships exist between staff, with pupils and with parents. We welcome as much parental involvement as possible, and benefit from their assistance in classrooms. We have a very active Parents Association who is dedicated to promoting strong links with the community and improving resources and facilities at the school, through fund-raising activities.

With a Senior Management Team who oversee every possible facet of school life, coupled with subject support teachers for every curricular area, any newly appointed member of staff has a good network of support. We are fortunate always to be able to operate as part of a team when planning and implementing our work.

Whole School resourcing is continually reviewed and improved, and we are fortunate to have classrooms that are bright, attractive and well stocked.

The Schools Prospectus and the Teachers Handbook are available from the school office.

St John's Primary School new school year mass with Fr. Innocent Abonyi,MSP

Mission Statement

The core aim of St. John’s R.C. Primary School is to nourish the growth of all its members as persons illuminated by the light of Christ himself.
All partners in this endeavour are committed to develop, and maintain, both and explicit and hidden curriculum informed by this core aim.
It is our determined intent to provide all members of our school community with experiences of real value, challenging each to reach the full intellectual, personal and spiritual stature of which he or she is capable.
The leadership and example we provide will be such that all are encouraged to direct their energies to achieve personal fulfilment and to make a contribution of real value to the range of communities, both secular and spiritual, to which each belongs.
We intend to realise our vision, which is that the Incarnation of the Word is continually extended through a society based on justice and truth and on the real love God in action in the world.


St John's Catholic Primary School
Rochester Road
DA12 2SY

Headteacher: Mr Shields
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Cooneyhan
Telephone: 01474 534546
Fax: 01474 536112


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