Altar & Furnishings

Altar & Furnishings

Our altar and furnishings have been sculpted by the renowned Irish Bog Wood Sculptor Michael Casey.
The wood is bog yew and is carbon dated to be over 4,500 years old.
When this type of wood is taken from the bog it is saturated with water, so it takes a number of years for it to dry out. It then spends six months in a kiln before it can be used. By this process, it becomes so hard that Michael says it is really fossilised. You can actually see the colour of the heather staining the wood.
The most spectacular and most important piece is the altar.

Altar table and support

The altar table and support are two separate pieces. If you stand a little distant from the altar, you can discern the figure of the crucified Christ holding up the table.
You can see the bowed head of Christ crowned with thorns. Christ is on one knee and arising. His strength and determination can be seen in the way His arms are outstretched and supporting the altar on which we place our prayers and offerings. So we have the Last Supper and Calvary in one.

The baptismal font

 The baptismal font represents the figure of Mother Church welcoming the newly baptised child with a motherly hug. The bowl is solid bronze.

The lectern

The lectern represents the tree of knowledge from which we hear the Good News. Book supports are at different heights to accommodate taller and shorter readers.
There are fourteen pieces in all: the altar; baptismal font; lectern; credence table; presidential chair; four concelebration chairs; the paschal candle holder; the processional cross; book stand; candle holder and eucharistic tray. Not just works of art, but very practical liturgical furniture.
The relics encased in our altar are those of St. Thomas of Canterbury and the Blessed Edmund Rice.
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